Learn, Grow, Lead.

Igniting Your Potential:
Pyramid's Thriving Growth Culture

At Pyramid Global, our vibrant culture revolves around empowering you to soar to new heights. We believe in your success, and it fuels ours. We're here to inspire and support you on your quest to become your best. With a myriad of dynamic programs, we'll equip you with the skills to ascend in your career. No need to fret if you're not there yet; we're here with unwavering patience and boundless enthusiasm to help you blaze your trail to your dream role. Get ready to ignite your potential and Be the Difference in your professional journey!

Growth Programs

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The Top of the Pyramid mentorship program is your pathway to career excellence within our company. Designed to elevate your skills and knowledge continuously, it strengthens your current role and opens doors to leadership positions, promotions, and role transitions. If you're seeking growth opportunities, this program offers personalized monthly courses aligned with your career plan. Engage in regular one-on-one sessions with your dedicated mentor and participate in quarterly evaluations with your mentor and manager to celebrate achievements and advance to the next level.

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Embark on a transformative career journey with our 12-month Leadership Development Program, tailor-made for recent graduates and ambitious students. Immerse yourself in real-life scenarios within the dynamic hospitality industry, gaining exposure to Pyramid Global Senior Leadership and honing leadership skills through specialized training. As a participant, you'll contribute directly to the property, dedicating 80% of your time to a primary role and 20% to program participation. Selecting a disciplined focus, you'll start at an entry level, progressing through various departments and benefiting from unique placements at select service properties, allowing rotations across a cluster of properties in the area. Join us for a fulfilling experience where professional growth knows no bounds.

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Introducing the Advanced Pyramid Educational Xperience (APEX): Purpose, our exciting initiative designed for individuals eager to supercharge their career growth. We've crafted a comprehensive Leadership Development Learning Path for those looking to climb the ranks within our organization. This path covers everything you'll learn as you grow, positioning you for success and helping Pyramid to be ready for quick expansion. Our main goal is to help you reach new heights, recognize your potential, and tailor a plan based on your strengths and areas for improvement. APEX focuses on Financial Acumen, Revenue Generation (Revenue Management and Sales), Human Resources, and Communication. Join APEX and take your career to the next level at Pyramid, where personalized growth is the key.

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Embark on a transformative journey with our dynamic five-day virtual training program, specifically designed to certify you in training new hourly employees and retraining existing ones. This is your opportunity to fast-track your path to productivity as a new associate while unlocking growth opportunities on the frontline. As a Certified Peer Trainer, you'll play a pivotal role in understanding specific tasks, embodying our company's culture, and actively contributing to training resources. Your responsibilities include delivering effective feedback, updating materials, and providing support in alignment with our values. Join this exciting journey to become a Certified Peer Trainer, contributing to your growth and success in our team.

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Experience the Leadership Immersion (Pyramid Global Executive Leadership Orientation), a vital two-day in-person program crafted to enlighten new senior leaders on the intricacies of Pyramid Global Hospitality. Throughout this immersive session, participants engage with Home Office Senior Leaders and peers from various locations, gaining insights into our business sectors, including People Operations, Business Development, Commercial, Finance, and Operations. Attendance at this program is mandatory for new leaders in pivotal positions such as Vice President, Managing Director/General Manager, Director of Human Resources, Director of Finance, and Director of Sales and Marketing.

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Discover the Mosaic Learning Center, an exclusive resource for our employees, offering diverse training programs from Personal Development to Accounting. It showcases our commitment to your success. Access comprehensive leadership and business management training videos covering topics like Leadership Essentials and Team Building to empower you as a leader within our organization. Join us to unlock your full potential and embark on a fulfilling career journey. At Pyramid Global Hospitality, we genuinely care about your growth, recognizing our employees as the heartbeat of our organization.

Stories of Growth

Witness Triumph: Pyramid's Growth Stories

Get inspired by our incredible Pyramid Global team members as they share their extraordinary tales of personal and professional growth. Join us in celebrating their journeys to success, powered by Pyramid's vibrant culture of support and empowerment. These stories exemplify our commitment to helping every team member become their best. Watch now and let their triumphs inspire you to reach new heights with Pyramid Global!